Unidad de frenado dinámico De gama alta, carga pesada 400V, 132-200KW

Unidad de frenado dinámico De gama alta, carga pesada 400V, 132-200KW

Description of  Braking unit:

The GN series is to divert the regenerative energy which is produced in the process of decelerating the motor, into a braking unit, converting that energy into heat. Regenerative energy flows from the motor into the inverter DC bus, manifested as increased bus voltage.

Characteristic of this series:
Rated power: 55KW-500KW;
Rated braking current: ≤500A;
Chopper voltage range: DC1150V±5V(With a keyboard);
Voltage grade: 660V;
Minimum resistance value: 8.5~2.8Ω;
IP protection: IP00/IP23;
ED: 20%-80%;
Vibration: 0.5g;
Temperature coefficient: ≤400ppm/℃.

Advantages of  Braking unit:

Safety:the tripping function against IGBT short circuit breakdown can avoid the fire caused by IGBT breakdown of resistor after overload running.
Wide compatibility:compatible with general resistance rather than non-inductive resistance if it is special design. Adjustable chopper voltage DC 630V-DC760V. Economical feature:high ratio of performance to the rensonable price.Effective and practical for braking circuits of inverter’s.

Installation of  Braking unit:

It adopts a book-shape design and can be installed in parallel connection with zero clearance. It is recommended that up to 3.

Regenerative drive and Braking unit
Grado de voltaje (V) 400
IP Clase IP00
Rango de potencia (KW) 132-200
Corriente máxima de frenado (A) 200
Valor de resistencia mínimo (Ω) 4
Voltaje del interruptor (V) 660

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